21 • August • 20

Importance of Being A Green Wedding Guild Member…

We are so thrilled to announce that we have joined the Green Wedding Guild in August of 2020. Being passionate about sustainability and living minimal is something that I (Annie) personally strive for. The ability to be able to shift my business to align with these green efforts is something I couldn’t be more thrilled to do.

The Green Wedding Guild is an organization that aims to educate vendors and couples about sustainable practices, encourage sustainability goals, and connect couples to vendors that can help them reach these goals.

The mission of the guild is to provide the resources and accountability to facilitate an eco-conscious shift in the wedding industry. We invite all wedding vendors and couples to join us in exploring more sustainable and intentional practices!

​Together, we believe that we can all do more to reduce the waste generated by weddings, and that sustainable choices are within reach of all vendors and couples. We strive to make these choices accessible to everyone through education and community partnership.

We wanted to take some time to share a few ways that we have implemented practices to reduce waste in the industry:

  • Reusable batteries for cameras, flashes, and microphones
  • Majority of the final products are delivered digitally, and delivery products are sourced sustainably
  • Clothes worn to shoot weddings are thrifted and consignment
  • Contracts, payments and other documents are delivered digitally
  • Avoid printing marketing materials and focusing on digital marketing

We are always looking to learn and to make our business as sustainable as possible through continuing our own education. We cannot wait to continue to provide you with excellent final product while remaining eco-conscious and keeping sustainability in mind.

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