I grew up in Charlotte and learned from my parents at a young age the importance of travel and an adventurous spirit. I took my late teens and early twenties to capture every opportunity to travel and have meaningful life experiences, from living in the Colorado Rockies with the sole experience of learning to ski, to volunteer teaching in Thailand, to studying abroad in Croatia.

I am really an experience-driven human.

After having the opportunity to visit some incredibly beautiful places and meet beautiful humans, I started learning the medium of film, and I dove in headfirst. There's something special about the capacity of film to tell stories; and I feel like its unmatched by any other medium. I use the eye for detail, emotion, and the feeling of "place" I gained from traveling with me into the filmmaking world. It is a sacred and beautiful thing to be able to tell stories about two people in love.

When I am not filming weddings, I am researching the next trip on my bucket list, getting outdoors as much as possible, spending quality time with my partner and family, and reading and writing music.

Names have always held importance for me, and I love things with a good backstory.

I named my business Bovara after both my parents' last names: Bovitz from my father's side, Arabanos from my mother's side: Bov + Ara. I wanted my business to represent not only me, but also my heritage from my family. After all, weddings and elopements are about two individuals merging to create a new thing, and there was something serendipitous and romantic to naming my business after the heritage of my mother and father, and the generations preceding them.