How long do we have to wait to get our wedding film back?


This will depend on the package you choose. For most packages, we can turn around your wedding in as soon as 6 weeks, although due to our schedule, it may take up to 12 weeks. Know that we are dedicated to give your film our full attention, and so we take every moment to make sure each detail of the film is perfect before sending you the final product.

Do you travel?


Heck yes we do! I have traveled all over the world personally and am excited to be able to expand our wedding, elopement and commercial offerings from statewide to worldwide. Package pricing in North Carolina varies by miles traveled, and nationwide or worldwide package pricing varies by transportation and lodging costs.

When it comes to our business or wedding film, can we choose our own music?


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The long short of it is: potentially. We go through licensing or getting rights to music for every commercial and wedding film we do. While we can't allow couples or companies to choose any song they want, we do our best during our initial consultations and meetings to understand the genre and feel of music that will best suit your film.

Travel Dates

September 21

USA / California

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October 15

France / Paris

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November 7

Spain / Barcelona

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May 10

Italy / Tuscany

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Canada / Toronto

July 23

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